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Transform Your Interiors at a Minimal Cost with Décor & Dwell

Imagine this…

You’ve just moved into your new space and are essentially excited to decorate it. The first thing you do is to buy the best furniture and decor pieces for the space. But when the furnishings arrive, you realise they don’t suit your new home and are completely not what you had in mind.

You’re not happy with how everything looks when put together.

So, what do you do? Sell all the pieces? Make do and use them as they are? Or spend extra money to buy new ones again??

Here’s how we see it at Décor & Dwell.

When you’re in a room that’s not making you happy, it’s easy enough to shuffle things up again and create a space that makes you feel good and reflects your personal tastes.

Take for instance, our client – Ms C.

When she and her family moved into their new condominium, they dreamed of creating a ‘Modern Lux’ interior style for their new space. In high spirits, they bought all the furniture they thought would be perfect for the theme they were going for.

Yet, when the furniture arrived and everything was put together, they were not happy at all. It looked nothing like the home décor style they had in mind. The furnishings did not complement one another and the space did not look put together. It was not the image they had in mind.

They were disappointed, stuck and lost. They did not know what to do.

Amidst all the confusion and desperation to work around the problem (as they had plans to throw housewarming parties), they decided to seek professional help.

And that’s when they found us – Décor & Dwell – an interior decorating company which provides home styling service.

Having explained their situation, we understood what Ms C wanted and proceeded to provide solutions through ideas and visualisation aid – all the while staying true to her desired theme and making the most of the existing furnishings (to help them reduce purchasing costs).

We wanted to create a sophisticated space that was functional and comfortable for the client. Completing the makeover took four weeks. The first step was to understand clients’ expectations and how they would use the space.

We went all-in on the gold accents to elevate the ‘Modern Lux’ style theme. It sounds over-the-top, but the gold tone complemented the bold orange sofa the client had, plus the white colour palette of the living room keeps it from looking wild.

The client has always wanted a bar trolley, but was unsure if it will fit — and we managed to find a perfect spot for it! We then decorated the plain wall with an interesting metal floral décor piece. A potted plant was added to make the room more lively and lastly, a faux animal hide rug splashed over the living room area for an exotic, lux texture.

It looks luxurious with all the gold in here, but warm and welcoming,” Eve, our interior stylist, says.

The balcony was initially set as an area for laundry-drying only. The client envisioned something more but did not really know how to go about maximising the space.

We took up the challenge and proposed turning it into a cosy alfresco area (there is still space for drying laundry too – functionality was not sacrificed in the process). It took a bit of trial and error to plan the furniture layout but we managed to achieve a luxe-yet-minimalist look.

“My husband and I are so happy and contented to be able to sit out here at the balcony, relaxing and enjoying the view and wine in the comfort of our refreshed home. In fact, we do it almost every evening now!” Ms C says.

We are just really happy to be able to put a smile on our clients’ faces.

“I had my first conversation on home styling with Eve and we took off from there. Eve is personable and was a pleasure to work with. Her suggestions on the decor and furnishing solved our challenge to bring together the existing furnishings we have and created the modern luxe feel we wanted for our new home. It was an enjoyable learning process for us as well!”

Testimonial from Ms C, Park Colonial condominium.

Your Home Could Be Next

At Décor & Dwell, we believe that you don’t have to break the bank to have the perfect home decor in Singapore. Whether it’s sourcing for new furnishings, or working with existing ones, we are committed to building a cosy, comfortable and considered home that works for you.

The interior of your home is a reflection of who you are. We believe in more than just making a space look lovely because we understand how much of an impact a space can have on your well-being, particularly now that we may be spending much more time in our homes.

It is about comfort, functionality and creating a sense of peace in your life — which is why we are dedicated to making your home unique and individual to you.

We are a Singapore-based interior styling company which offers diverse interior services to suit every client’s needs.

Our services include:

  • Interior Decorating
  • Room Dressing
  • Design Concepts / Mood Boards
  • Colour Scheming
  • Spacial Planning
  • Bespoke Furniture
  • Soft Furnishings
  • And more

We offer styling services for all room types — living and dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s playroom, guest room, outdoor spaces, and more.

Décor & Dwell also offers a wide range of decor styles you can choose from – Scandinavian Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern Contemporary, Coastal, Bohemian, Country Rustic, and more.

Good design starts with a culture of respect, talent and trust. At Décor & Dwell, we value our working relationships and strive to give our best.